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Misremembered Tales: Concrete Coffin

Our feet blazed up and down the stairs until the sun set and the basement window was cold and dark. All the others had crawled into bed, but Makayla and I would continue our adventures with earnest. Dark was the best time to investigate the mysteries of a big house in summer time.

The basement was pretty innocuous. Carpeted floors, comfortable couches, a piano, and a loaded entertainment center. Most of it was no typical basement, but just past the door that led to the office lurked a dark and concerning corner filled with evil energy. We were intrigued and repelled by the monsters that lay in wait for us there. We dare not leave the door open with our backs turned in case whatever wait for us could escape and sneak up from behind.

We often ran past the dark corner and straight to the office, enclosed into the safety of the room which looked out over the garden and had an intimate view of the strawberry-stealing squirrels. This time, however, we were intent on discovering the cause of the evil energy. We would expose it and vanquish it for good.

With all the bravery we could muster, our hearts racing and beating in our ears, we threw open the door to the dark corner and didn’t sprint through to take cover in the office. We faced down the amorphous abyss, fighting the urge to run.

Alas, we flipped on the light! The murky orange bulb illuminated less than it cast shadows on the boxes and strung up decorations. From our four-foot height, we looked up, our eyes meeting, unbelieving, with the cold, dead eyes of a tiki mask that met our stare unflinchingly.

We fled, postponing our victory over the evils of the dark corner and allowing the mask to continue his evil reign of terror. At least, until we came back better prepared.

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    1. Hello, and thanks for visiting! I had no idea I was listed in Yahoo News. I try to use tags that I feel like I would use to search for blogs, so perhaps that’s it? Anyway, there are a ton of SEO blogs and videos out there, so try to look into that if you’re looking to build a wider audience.

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