Taylor Brooke McCoy

Writer, Reader, and Person With Opinions

Crickets, AKA The Actual Worst

If there’s one thing I hate

more than anything else,

the number one rated

“would destroy it, myself,”

it’s the cricket. This fiend,

a dastardly foe, can

jump higher than truly

anyone knows.

Without warning! An

unconscionable thing.

Will it land on my shirt?

My bare skin—God forbid!

Its slimy six legs clinging like sin…

No! I’d rather be set alight

than feel its landing

from its unnatural flight.

Not only this,

but have you heard the walk?

The clacking on tile,

the nightmare stalk?

Alone in the room,

but lo, what’s that sound?

Could it be the devil

Come back around?

There’s only one thing to do

should such a thing occur:

start a world from scratch—

without the demon cur.

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