Taylor Brooke McCoy

Writer, Reader, and Person With Opinions


To avoid an embarrassing intro, I shall post a bullet list of fun little facts about myself, so any who make it this far shall find themselves amused and not exhausted with the task of reading an essay.

  • Born in Texas. Left Texas Briefly. Back in Texas. Texas = Pretty Nice Place Overall
  • Likes cows, other cute and fuzzy things, nature in general
  • Makes things.
  • Reads books of various qualities
  • Writes books of various qualities
  • Likes to sing loudly in the car
  • Can cook pretty well
  • Hope to have a real book someday with my name on it. Then my mom can be proud.
  • My mom is already proud.
  • Have two bunnies.
  • Cleans up a lot of bunny hair.
  • Not much else, really.