Current Projects

Currently in the works is a novel, completely written, going through its second to last round of revisions.

The Outcasts could be classified as “new adult” (though I think most people don’t believe that genre exists) science fiction, depicted in a dystopian world with a strong, spicy heroine named Melina.

Melina is at odds with not only the ruling entity, the Institution, but with the rivaling groups which seek freedom from it in unorthodox and dangerous ways. As she seeks out ways to reunite with her best friend Drake and to understand what it is that may permanently keep them apart, she learns about her world and about people that don’t so neatly fit into her preconceived ideas of authority, family, evil, and freedom.

Her time in a developing defense program for young adults with unique fighting talents is wrought with challenges. Melina’s search for the truth is the beginning of a war which has been centuries in the works and only throws the world into a chaos that hasn’t been seen since the fall of America.

Feel free to follow along with my progress updates so you can secure a copy when it hits the market. I’ll be releasing extra content from The Outcasts world which will hopefully leave you dying for a quick release.

Taylor Brooke McCoy