I, Taylor, a self-proclaimed weird and happy-to-be-weird person, take joy in putting words next to other words and letting them change me. Slowly and sometimes in one, surprising second of clarity.

The world tends to create chaos in minds like mine and yours. I believe that writing channels the chaos to place us, changed, back down into the quiet, where the mind is at peace again by efficiently churning our horrid experiences into ink-laden paper and words that mean something.


I’ve been writing novels since I was in middle school. The first attempt starred a little pirate girl whose story was told rather ineffectually by a narrator who cracked himself up so much that he laughed for pages. Afterwards, I trailed through medieval countryside with a blind heroine who could manipulate the elements at any costs to save her love. Even later still, I wrote of a skilled boxer in a dystopian military institution who battled to regain the mind of her best friend from a bio-engineered disease, bent on destroying the freedom-seekers. Lastly, I write of a faery world accessed by the magic-blooded, weary minded, where war is brewing and only the Wood Whisperer can secure the peace.

Poetry is my second love, my sanity stabilizer. I often resort to those slowed words, those carefully-contemplated musings when I feel too burdened with thoughts to carry on.

Writing is my love, and here I place some of it for you to enjoy.